Cocktails & Shots / Drinks

Sex on the Beach: 99Kc

Don’t tell your Granny, you’ll be dragged straight to the confession box. But in all honesty, this cocktail is pretty sweet and has the power to sneak up on you, especially with Vodka, Peach Vodka, grenadine and some orange juice.

Pina Colada: 99Kc

In Ireland we’re always getting caught in the rain, so Pina Colada is perfect for anytime of the year. Bit of Rum, some cream and pineapple juice.

White Russian: 99Kc

The Big Lebowski, the Dude, anymore info needed?? Alright grand it’s Kahlua, Vodka and Milk!

Long Island Ice Tea: 99

Far better than the cup of tea your ma makes, well certainly more of a kick to it. 5 white spirits, lime and coke, is it Tea Time yet??

Mojito: 99Kc

Fire a bit mint, lime, sugar and a good dose of rum into a glass and to make it slightly more reasonable we’ll add a dash of soda water, but only slightly. Don’t want to be too sensible now do we.

Whiskey Sour: 99Kc

Can’t stomach bourbon whiskey straight? Try a whiskey sour, the sour mix turns it into a refreshing and easy drink. But don’t worry we won’t judge.

Wild Irish Rose: 99Kc

Like the Sour, but with Irish Whiskey and more class. Throw it all into a larger glass, add some grenadine, give it a shake and top it off with a soda. But don’t be fooled, this rose can still prick you.

Alien Sky: 99Kc

Wait till I show ya, this cocktail will compete with sunset on the Cliffs of Moher. Have enough of them anyway and we’ll see. Rum, cherry brandy, orange & pineapple juice with a drop of some blue stuff to make it look class.

Caipirinha: 99Kc

Fun to make, easy to drink but hard to pronounce, this is Brazils national cocktail. Put together with cachaca, a few muddled limes and stirred through crushed ice and sugar.

Tequila Sunrise: 99Kc

Refreshingly fruity and beautiful to look at., this classic is a sweet and simple mix of tequila & orange juice shaken with a touch of grenadine.

B52: 99

This is sure to blow you away!!! Kahlua, Baileys & Cointrea.

Baby Guinness: 99

Just like a tiny version of the good stuff, it’s also good you. Kahlua & Baileys.

Irish Flag: 99

Explains itself really, Creme de Menthe, Baileys & Hennessey layered to look like the best flag in the world.

Snake Bite: 99

She’ll bite ya alright, too many of these and you’ll be rattling. Jack Daniels with a drop of lime cordial.

Jekyll & Hyde: 99

If you’re split in two, Sambuca or Jager?? This is the puppy for you, Sambuca with Jager neatly layered on top.

Slippery Nipple: 99

Sambuca with a drop of grenadine and a slip of Baileys on top.

Blue Kamikaze: 99

Need to wash the hangover away? Blue Kamikaze is the one for you. Vodka, Blue Curacao & Lime Cordial shaken over ice.

Italia 90

Just like that wonderful summer all them years ago, started off lovely & sweet but then gives you a good kick to keep you in line. 3/4 shot of Jameson topped up with Amaretto.

Flat Liner: 99

Sambuca with a healthy dose of Tabasco and Silver Tequila on top. Not for the faint hearted.

Irish Cuddle: 99

As warm & as nice as a good cuddle from a Irish Buachaill or Cailín. Equal measures of Amaretto & Baileys.