Irish Potato & Leek Soup                                        95 czk

We travelled the length & breath of Ireland
and eventually Tom O’Dowd from O’Dowds
in Roundstone agreed to share his recipe for
this classic. Served with crusty bread & butter.

Sea Food Chowder                                                    195 czk

Soon to be famous! It’s loaded with beautiful
pieces of fresh fish, prawns, mussels & the odd
clam appears when in the mood. Crusty bread
& butter accompany.

Jumbo Tempura Prawns                                         195 czk

3 large battered prawns with a small
garnish  & sweet chilli dip.

Kickin’ Chicken Wings                                            185 czk

They don’t come any better, with carrot
& celery sticks and our cheesy house dip.

Carpaccio of Smoked                                               225 czk
Barbary Duck Breast

with a plum drizzle, air dried orange
slices and a salad garnish.

McCarthy’s Black Pudding Stack                           180 czk

Black pudding topped with buttered
mushrooms, crispy smoked bacon
& dressed with an Irish whiskey sauce.

Mussels                                                                       195 czk

Only available when absolutely fresh. In a garlic,
ginger & white wine sauce with a hint of Chilli.
Served with crusty bread & butter.




Sandwiches & Wraps

A choice between whole meal wrap or soft white bread, all are served with tortilla chips & a Small Salad

Irish Sausage Sandwich                                           165 czk

Baked Irish Ham                                                       165 czk
& Kilmeadan Cheddar Cheese

Irish Bacon & Fried Egg                                          165 czk

The Classic BLT                                                       170 czk

Turkey Club Sandwich                                            185 czk

Cajun Chicken Sandwich                                        180 czk

Chip Buttie                                                                140 czk

Steak Sandwich                                                         270 czk

A serious sambo with caramelized red onion,
a smoky relish, a fistful of chunky chips
& a small salad.


McCarthy's Salads

Our selection of healthy,
fresh salads served
with crusty bread and butter

Classic Caesar Salad                                                 230 czk

Crisp Romaine lettuce with a creamy Caesar
dressing, Herb croutons & lots of parmesan.

Caesar with strips                                                     280 czk
of chicken breast & bacon    

Caesar with 3 jumbo                                                320 czk
Tempura prawns   

Turkey, Blue Cheese                                                290 czk


Classic Pizzas

Margherita                                                                209 czk

Mozzarella, basil & tomato Sauce.

Quattro Staggioni                                                     219 czk

Mushrooms, bell peppers, red onion
& baked Irish ham.

Pepperoni Pizza                                                        219 czk

Spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella
& tomato sauce.


Paddie's Pizzas

The Full Paddy                                                          229 czk

That’s right, it’s a Full Irish Breakfast on a pizza!

Paddy Meets Honza                                                  219 czk

Irish sausage & spicy Czech klobasa (sausage)

Paddy Sings Ole Ole                                                 219 czk

Cheese & tomato topped with chilli con carne,
grated Irish cheddar & sour cream.


McCarthy's Burgers

All McCarthy’s burgers are 200g of seasoned prime beef in a sesame seed bun layered
with mayonnaise, red onion, lettuce,
& tomato and served with chunky chips
& homemade crunchy coleslaw

The Plain Jane                                                           285 czk

This is it, the burger that started it all.

Cheese Burger                                                           295 czk

Smothered in melted Irish cheddar.

The Classic                                                                305 czk

Smothered in melted Irish cheddar
and topped with crispy Irish bacon.

The Mexican Fella                                                    310 czk

Topped with McCarthy’s famous chilli,
jalapeño peppers and homemade spicy salsa.

The Gourmet Burger                                                330 czk

Topped with melted Irish cheddar,
crispy bacon, fried egg & onion rings.

The Veggie Burger                                                    285 czk

Our secret recipe veggie patty
with all the trimmings.


Main Meals

McCarthy’s Prime Fillet Steak                               425 czk

Cooked as you like it. Served with chunky chips, coleslaw and your choice of Indian Spiced Butter, roasted garlic & herb butter or a creamy Irish whiskey pepper sauce.

Full Irish Breakfast                                                  295 czk

Great at any time of day! Irish Sausages, Bacon, Black pudding alongside fried eggs, grilled tomato, hash browns, Heinz baked beans
& sautéed mushrooms.

McCarthy’s Pan Roasted Chicken                          285 czk

Crispy seasoned chicken breast served
with cajun roast potatoes and a creamy
cherry tomato & tequila sauce.

BBQ Rack of Meaty Ribs                                         295 czk

Marinated slow cooked pork ribs
served with chunky chips,coleslaw
& our homemade BBQ Sauce.

Traditional Fish & Chips                                         290 czk

fresh beer battered cod served with
mushy peas & homemade tartar sauce.

Bangers & Mash                                                       265 czk

An old favourite! Irish sausages resting
on creamy mashed potato and topped
with homemade gravy & caramelized Onion.

Beef cooked in Guinness                                          295 czk

Tender chunks of beef, carrot
& potato slow cooked in the black stuff.
Served with fresh crusty bread.


Now these are great for sharing, but equally
as good for one! Tortilla chips smothered
in melted Irish cheddar, homemade salsa,
sour cream & jalapeño peppers

Vegetarian                                                     185 czk

With Chicken                                                225 czk

With Chilli Con Carne                               225 czk

The Works!                                                    255 czk
Loaded with Chicken
& chilli (awesome!)­­


Chunky Chips                                               69 czk

Creamy Mashed Potato                                69 czk

Onion Rings                                                   69 czk

Homemade Crunchy Coleslaw                    59 czk

Heinz Baked Beans                                       59 czk

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables                      69 czk

Side Salad                                                      99 czk

Garlic Bread                                                  99 czk


Home made Chocolate Brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

130 czk

Ice Cream

120 czk

Baileys & White
Chocolate Cheesecake

120 czk